We welcome the new vendors Misumi and Python to ToolsUnited!
MISUMI, known in Japan as an innovative dealer especially in e-business, presents the range of its own brand “MISUMI” with taps, drills, milling cutters, reamers and inserts.
Toolholders of the “Python” brand (CRESTON Industrial Supplies’ own brand) will strengthen local markets in the USA in particular.

Thus the update includes:
• 16,468 new tools from Misumi
• 840 new records from Python
• 1.692 additional tools from Fraisa
• New graphics from Moldino

In addition to structure and data updates, improved 3D models generated by ToolsUnited are now available.

ToolsUnited now contains exactly 942,157 tool data.

ToolsUnited greets Misumi and Python
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