New and updated datasets at ToolsUnited

Spring is coming and ToolsUnited is blooming too! A total of 54,000 data sets have been updated or newly added, for example for Fraisa, Index, Kyocera, OSG, Union Tool and Walter.

Particularly exciting: The 3D team has improved the models. This increases the number of available 3D models by more than 1,250. For example, you can now find Union Tool’s barrel cutters in 3D.

UnionTool Barrel Tool

Good news for our CAM users. Some of the interfaces have been updated. Test for yourself right now, for example with a tool from Fraisa.

3D models improved

Our CAD team has further improved the 3D models of ToolsUnited. This time, for example, the parting points of the tool holders and adapters on the workpiece side have been revised, they are now even more detailed!

We also took a look at the clamp holders. With the help of our StOB parameters (END_KAPP), the back of the cutting edge shape of the toolholder models can now be edited with even more detail!

Data spectrum expanded

Winter is coming to an end, time for fresh tool data. This time mainly from Japan.

  have extended or updated the data spectrum provided.
You will now find 966,922 data records. Not enough? Then you should think about ToolLink

HoHo Ho – Santa Claus has brought new data.

The product data of     have been up-dated, from find additional turning tools. And Mitsubishi Materials not only changed the company logo to , but you’ll find more tools with imperial properties.
The 3D models are also improved, the experts among our users will certainly recognize the changes.

All in all that amounts to 965.404 SKUs.

Still not enough? Then you should consider using ToolLink . With the help of the ToolLink sourcing portal, you control the digital supply chain according to demand and thus overcome the limitations of electronic catalogs. For more information see

Cooperation between TDM Systems and ToolsUnited

The new interface greatly expands the data offering for TDM users.

From now on, TDM users can access over 900,000 data sets from over 40 manufacturers in the ToolsUnited data pool. As an official partner, TDM Systems offers its users the purchase of a ToolsUnited-Flat. “With this cooperation, we are expanding the data offer for our users enormously. Now we can offer tool data for almost every machining operation,” explains Uwe Sauer, Head of Strategic Projects at TDM Systems… Read more

ToolsUnited Update October

Happy Halloween! But no need to be scared, because ToolsUnited already has some ‘treats’ ready for you.

With the latest update our tool database grows by a ‘scary’ amount of 18,318!

ToolsUnited now contains exactly 963,059 tool data sets of 43 well-known manufacturers.

We also worked on our 3D models, for example we were able to provide new models for tool holder for turning and for tool heads for turning internal. We also fixed several small errors.

We are still working on the quantity and quality of our data sets for you, so stay tuned!


ToolsUnited Update August

ToolsUnited has used the summer vacations to revise mainly the Mitsubishi tool data and to add 1280 new tools. Despite CORONA, the onboarding of Kyocera and Index has also been started.

Now on board: Kyocera another tool manufacturer we could win for ToolsUnited. True to the motto “The future is what we create“, Kyocera works on and with highly innovative solutions. ToolsUnited is one of them. Due to CORONA-related limitations, initially only a selection of milling cutters and inserts is available. But the data preparation is running at full speed. Stay tuned, ToolsUnited will soon offer more Kyocera.

With INDEX-Werke, we have for the first time been able to win a machine tool manufacturer that focuses on “Quality, made in Germany“. INDEX products offer not only the highest quality, but also the highest precision. On ToolsUnited you will find an initial selection of suitable toolholders for your INDEX or Traub machine directly from the machine manufacturer.

ToolsUnited now comprises exactly 944,741 tool data from 43 manufacturers.

Stay tuned! The excitement continues at ToolsUnited.

ToolsUnited greets Misumi and Python

We welcome the new vendors Misumi and Python to ToolsUnited!
MISUMI, known in Japan as an innovative dealer especially in e-business, presents the range of its own brand “MISUMI” with taps, drills, milling cutters, reamers and inserts.
Toolholders of the “Python” brand (CRESTON Industrial Supplies’ own brand) will strengthen local markets in the USA in particular.

Thus the update includes:
• 16,468 new tools from Misumi
• 840 new records from Python
• 1.692 additional tools from Fraisa
• New graphics from Moldino

In addition to structure and data updates, improved 3D models generated by ToolsUnited are now available.

ToolsUnited now contains exactly 942,157 tool data.

News from CIMSOURCE: The CIM News!

The CORONA pandemic shows how important technology is to make society and the economy more resilient. On the surface, physicians, virologists and epidemiologists are now in charge. However, without statistics, IT in general and web technologies in particular, they will not get anywhere. Data science is in demand, and each of us with our mobile phones as part of the Internet of Things.

A good opportunity to further develop your own digital imagination…join us and CIM Aktuell on a journey “back to the future”.

Click here for the e-book

Together we can do it!

Corona is currently presenting our society with new challenges.

The most important thing is to work together to counteract the spread of the disease and stay healthy! We wish you and your families much strength and above all health during this time!

The safety of our customers and all other persons with whom CIMSOURCE comes into contact is of utmost importance to us. The same applies to our employees and business partners.

CIMSOURCE is there for you. The “digital” in our Digital Tool Services is growing in importance. Our team is working at full capacity. Fortunately, we are not yet directly affected by the corona virus, so that we are currently able to complete all customer projects on schedule. Ongoing (customer) discussions are being continued via our digital communication channels. Personal appointments, visits and business trips will not take place until further notice.

Stay optimistic! There is a time during Corona, and there is a time after Corona.

  • Now we are “during Corona”: But we are preparing for the time after. We are planning our protective measures for 6-8 weeks in advance. Currently, the “deadline” is April 30th.
  • Hopefully soon we’ll be “after Corona”, when we want to take off. That’s why it’s also called: looking for opportunities! Perhaps Winston Churchill, as an expert on the darkest hours, will help: “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

How we protect ourselves during this time while maintaining our productivity, what scenarios we plan with and where we see opportunities, you can find out here:

How is CIMSOURCE organized in the Corona crisis?

How does CIMSOURCE see the course of the crisis? A scenario planning.

Where does CIMSOURCE see chances?

During this time, our team will continue to be available to you as usual – by phone, e-mail and, of course, via web session.

With this in mind – stay healthy and have courage – there is also a time after Corona – let’s start there together!

We will be at your side.

Dr. Götz Marczinski


ToolsUnited USA at ISA Convention Atlanta 2020 (cancelled due to Corona)

ToolsUnited USA is exhibiting at ISA Convention Atlanta 2020! We are looking forward to welcome you at our Booth 1119 in the center of the hall. Experience exciting live-demonstrations and learn how to easily import your cutting tool data into your CAM or Toolmanagement system.

ISA Convention Atlanta 2020 is taking place from 20th – 23rd of April at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, US.

Learn more about the event:

Advanced Manufacturing Techniques Seminar at MAKINO, Mason (OH)

To be competitive, manufacturing companies need to produce parts with maximum efficiency and machine utilization. An efficient digital CNC machining process is key to success.

Join experts from ZOLLER, Mastercam, NCSIMUL & ToolsUnited at MAKINO in an informative seminar showcasing how systems work together to produce a streamlined end to end efficient manufacturing process based on digital machine twins as well as cutting tool data.

Regarding cutting tool data, you will discover a better way of working –  by simply downloading tool data into your existing CAM or tool management system, instead of entering each data manually. On you can choose from over 900.000 cutting tools and around 40 suppliers the data you need and benefit from our tool data checks and DIN/ISO standardization.

Does this sound interesting? Then become part of our event and enjoy a great day with exciting live-demonstrations, networking and know-how exchange!


DATE: 2nd of April, 10:30 am – 2:00 pm

VENUE: MAKINO, 7680 Innovation Way, Mason, OH 45040



ToolsUnited Content: WNT, Union Tool and Inovatools updated

The CIMSOURCE Content Team has updated the data of WNTUnion Tool and Inovatools on ToolsUnited in close cooperation with the manufacturers. The WNT database has been extended by 5,138 data sets to 59,780 taps, drills, turn holders, milling cutters, tool holders, collets and inserts. More graphics have been added to the Union Tool inventory. Inovatools was extended by 180 solid drills to 10,650 drills and mills.

In addition to the data update, new 3D models generated by ToolsUnited are now available. The T-slot milling cutter can now be generated as a detailed model.


EMO 2019

EMO 2019 is over and we’re back at work.

Our experience changes: the problem of tooldata exchange has arrived in the consciousness – and we deliver the solutions!

Thanks a lot to our Team – you did a great job!

ToolsUnited Content: Inovatools new, Nikken updated

we are happy to announce Inovatools as ToolsUnited Partner. Inovatools offers a comprehensive range of drills, cutters and saw blades, of which 651 are already available on ToolsUnited, more will follow soon.

In addition, all 1038 tool holders and collets from Nikken were improved.

Additionally, new 3D models generated by ToolsUnited are now available. The models for numerous tool classes have been improved and new models for concave rounded profile end mills and for bodys for insertable drill heads have been added.

Review AMB 2018

The AMB 2018 was once again a complete success for CIMSOURCE. With the position at the east entrance, the booth was well visited throughout. We would like to thank our partner Seco for the great cooperation and the opportunity to present our solutions and know-how at their booth.

We are glad to experience, that the topic tool data exchange gains more and more importance and arrived also in medium-size enterprises.




ToolsUnited content: WNT, Fraisa and CeramTec updated

Shortly before the summer break, the CIMSOURCE Content Team has carried out an update. In intensive cooperation with WNT, the existing tool stock has been updated and expanded by 4,000 tools to 54,643 taps, drills, drill heads, turning holders, milling cutters, tool holders, collets, reaming tools, cutting bodies and inserts. CeramTec’s range has been optimized and expanded by 1,100 data sets to 6,603 toolholders and inserts. Finally, the Fraisa data was revised and extended by 100 tools to 4,776 milling cutters.


In addition to the data extension, the 3D generator has been revised. The flexibility of the insert selection has been increased for all indexable tools.

13./14.06.2018: Sumitomo Technology Days.

SUMITOMO’s European Design and Engineering Center (E-DEC) was host to approx. 100 tooling experts. CIMSOURCE contributed the presentation “Digitization of the cutting tool industry” to the conference program and presented the latest version of ToolsUnited and the related data sourcing portal “ToolLink” during the exhibition.

ToolsUnited content: Saratools new, Ingersoll updated

we are happy to announce SARATOOLS as ToolsUnited Partner. SARATOOLS offers a comprehensive range of taps, drills, cartridges, mills, holders and reaming tools. 14,203 items are already available on ToolsUnited. Check it out!


Furthermore the CIMSOURCE Content Team and Ingersoll added 3,786 new items to the Ingersoll content of 17,488 tools.

ToolsUnited Content: OSG und ZCC updated

In intensive cooperation with OSG, the CIMSOURCE Content Team has expanded the database of taps, drills, drill heads, milling cutters, tool holders, reaming tools and inserts to 18,348 tools.

Moreover in close cooperation with ZCC-CT, the database of taps, drills, clamping holders, milling cutters, concept and ISO inserts, tool holders and reaming tools was expanded to 16,323 tools.


In addition to the data update, the generated 3D models of the indexable insert drills and the end mills were extended. Countersinks with indexable inserts can now also be 3D-generated with guide pads. Moreover collet chucks can now be generated in 3D.

ToolsUnited Content: Iscar und Nikken updated

In intensive cooperation with Iscar, the CIMSOURCE Content Team has expanded its database to 31,076 tools. Moreover, existing data has been updated. In addition, 1,052 Nikken data sets have been revised in close cooperation.

ToolsUnited content: EMUGE new, LMT – Fette updated

we are happy to announce EMUGE-FRANKEN as ToolsUnited Partner. EMUGE-FRANKEN offers a comprehensive range of taps, drills and mills. More than 35,774 items of these german made premium products are already available on ToolsUnited. Check it out!

Furthermore the CIMSOURCE Content Team and LMT – Fette updated or added 3,500 items to the LMT – Fette content of 20,674 tools.

ToolsUnited February update

There are tool data updates for the following manufacturers:


As a new manufacturer we would like to welcome FRAISA:


FRAISA offers a comprehensive range of metal cutting tools: milling tools, drills, taps, indexable inserts and many more. Our products are characterised by high performance, precision and quality – at an excellent price/performance ratio.


Moreover ToolsUnited has now a detailed export overview for your account:


ToolsUnited January Update

We have just released a new version of ToolsUnited. It includes a lot of optimization in usage and workflows and also contains several data updates including the following manufacturers:

Sandvik Coromant Hoffmann Group Jongen Walter

Moreover as a new manufacturer we welcome Wohlhaupter:


Wohlhaupter enables highly efficient and economical precision boring in every dimension: Innovative tool solutions that are individually adapted to suit diverse, complex requirements and changing tasks.

Interface to TopSolid now available

Good news for all TopSolid customers! From now on, tool data no longer have to be typed or laboriously downloaded and converted by every individual tool manufacturer. With the new ToolsUnited interface, users now have access to more than 800,000 tool data records from the leading tool providers in one database.

Nikken on ToolsUnited

Again, a new tool manufacturer was won for the ToolsUnited platform. Since the beginning of this year, Nikken has been stepping up the field toolholders. The number of listed records will be gradually increased in the coming months.

WNT is now available on ToolsUnited

Since today, users have access to the full range of tool records from WNT on ToolUnited. Numerous data sets are already 3D capable. The missing parameters for the generation of further 3D graphics will be processed gradually in the next time.

Mapal dialogue days

At this year Mapal dialogue days CIMSOURCE will be present with a booth. Visit us on the 16th+ 17th June 2015 in Aalen and let us present the latest developments from CIMSOURCE.

Turning Days West 2015

Turning Days West
CIMSOURCE on the south Turning Days 2015 – From the 9th-11th June 2015 you will find us in Hall 4 of the Dortmund Westfalenhallen.

Interface to Siemens Teamcenter

PLM Connection
On 5 + 6 May 2015 CIMSOURCE introduces the new interface to Siemens Teamcenter at PLM Connection in Seeheim-Jugenheim. ToolsUnited Direkt is called the new connection which can be used for loading tool data incl. Graphics directly into Teamcenter MRL.

New ToolsUnited Version

A new version of ToolsUnited has been released. With ToolsUnited 2015-1 users will now have access to more than 615.000 data records and updates from companies such as Sandvik, Hoffmann, Korloy, Paul Horn, Mitsubishi and many more. On top of that, the updated version entails new features such as an Interface-Crawler that directly downloads usage recommendations on part of the manufacturer, as well as a Contour Line-Editor enabling the compilation of graphics.
Have a try on

Tool Management Seminar 2015

TMS 2015
Also at this year’s Tool Management Seminar in Ulm CIMSOURCE was traditionally represented with a booth. Among the presentations this year was also a user report by Festo, has introduced the new Tool Link from CIMSOURCE.

AMB 2014

Information about ToolsUnited and related services regarding tool data will be provided at the AMB 2014. You will find us in exhibition hall 4, stand 4A37.

From Thursday, September 18 to Friday, September 19 (in the afternoon) you will thus be able to learn how to collect tool data from suppliers and transfer these directly into your Toolmanagementsystem.

In addition, Mr. Merche from Festo AG & Co. KG will demonstrate a specific case of option providing you with the opportunity to ask questions afterwards. To learn more, also visit

Tool Management Seminar 2014

TMS Ulm 2014
CIMSOURCE to support the Toolmanagement Seminar in Ulm. 70 participants learned first hand the benefits of professional toolmanagement. During the breaks CIMSOURCE presented live the new interface to Zoller, which together with the new features to build tool assemblies have been the highlights. Further to that CIMSOURCE tool identification with its attractive price point raised interest.

CIMSOURCE will be at AMB 2014

AMB 2014
CIMSOURCE will be at AMB Show 2014 in Stuttgart. Witness the release of new features and achievements at this top event. Get first hand answers as how to operate Toolmanagement in the Cloud and how to integrate ToolsUnited into your CAD/CAM environment.

New ToolsUnited Version 2014-1

The version 2014-1 of ToolsUnited has been released. Now you will find approx. 10.000 new data records, 30.000 additional 3D models (mainly from Sandvik) and the new classification schemes according to ISO and GTC. On top of that up-dated data from Mitsubishi, Hoffmann, Paul Horn, Hitachi, Iscar, Sumitomo, Tungaloy and Walter are part of this new version.

Update of the TDM-Interface

TDM Systems
The TDM-interface has been renewed. Data may now directly be exported from ToolsUnited into TMD versions 4.41, 4.5 und 4.6.

Update of the Zoller Interface

Zoller Logo
The interface of ToolsUnited to Zoller has been renewed. Data may now be transfered via WebService directly from ToolsUnited into the Zoller application. This includes geometric informationen as well as 2D/3D graphics.

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