ToolLink – the Sourcingportal for 100% tool data

The Sourcing-Portal ToolLink helps to control the digital supply chain according to your requirements from the “demand”-side, applying the “pull”-principle. And thereby goes beyond the limits of electronic catalogues. As opposed to ToolsUnited, where you may „shop“ only standard tools, ToolLink serves you a la Carte.

It is with ToolLink that you will pull the related data records for each and every tool. And that applies to 100%, including special tools!

With ToolLink you as the tool consumer specify the scope and range of data, the required data quality and all mandatory parameters. ToolLink takes care of the communication to the suppliers, executes data checks and secures the appropriate use of standards.

The special „Kick“: Databases of preferred suppliers or publicly accessible datasources like ToolsUnited may directly be tapped. For the consumer the front-end stays the same: Be it standard or special tooling, you will solely work from your ToolLink-Portal.

Here is the ToolLink process:

  1. Specification of the data demand as a tool list, e. g. as an Excel-file
  2. Up-load this tool demand list in your ToolLink-Portal
  3. ToolLink searches the popular online-platforms for matching data and graphics and downloads appropriate data records directly
  4. Then data-checkers will detect mistakes or identify gaps in the data, which will be submitted to the relevant suppliers.
  5. As soon as suppliers have completed the content and the data are free of mistakes, you will be informed that your data are ready to be transferred into your IT-system.

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