Privacy statement

To the extent that it is possible to enter personal or business data (email addresses, names, addresses) on the website, disclosure of such data by the user shall be deemed expressly to ensue on a voluntary basis. Storage and use of that data (to the extent necessary) shall be performed in accordance with data protection laws. Even without providing such data or on using anonymised data or a pseudonym use of all services offered and payment in respect thereof to the extent that it is reasonable and technically possible to do so shall be permitted.


CIMSOURCE GmbH expressly draws attention to the fact that data transfer by way of the Internet is not secure (e.g. in the case of email communication) and third party interception cannot be completely prevented.


The use of disclosed contact data due to the obligation of “imprint” by third parties for promotional purposes or the mailing of commercial material is hereby denied expressively.  The owners of these web-pages reserve the right for legal measures in case of unsolicited mailings of commercial collateral , for example but not limited to spam-mails.

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