Versatile – Information management to create customer loyalty

Always up-to date product information is more than a prerequisite to apply your tools, it is an effective means to create customer loyalty. Masterdata Management from CIMSOURCE helps you to establish an effective information management and fosters direct contact to your customers.

There is enough data, but where and in which format?

An all to fequent scenario: Everybody scratches those data togehter (and just those!), needed for his or her domain. That’s why data are more often than not incomplete, inconsistent and above all: not up-to-date. There is an escape: The Masterdata Management of CIMSOURCE.

Use the taylor-made solution of CIMSOURCE to bring your databasis to a coherent level. Supply the Digital Factory of your customers on the same level of performance as you do with the “real life” tools.




3D Catalog – the graphics engine

Satisfy the need for data of the Digital Factory using a library of 3D-Models for import in various CAD/CAM-systems

>Fact sheet “3D Catalog”




CIMSOURCE places your products on the procurement-platforms of your customers.

>Fact sheet “CS-Integrator”



SalesSupport Server

Supply your customers with product data in any desired dats format

>Fact sheet “SalesSupport Server”