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ToolsUnited – from parameters to 3D data

Ahead of competition, that’s your goal. That’s why you swear on latest technologies for your operations. That’s why you swear on advanced software for process engineering, procurement and manufacturing.

• How do you keep up-to-date in machining technology?
• How do you populate your engineering and CAM-Systems with tool data and 3D-graphics?

ToolsUnited is the answer.





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Customize and download tool libraries
The major benefit of ToolsUnited is the convenient way to provide tool data. You may compose your personal tool library along the three dimensions of tool group (application), supplier and content (geometry, speeds & feeds, graphics).

3D tool models for your CAD/CAM-System
Add the respective 3D-graphics for NC-verification to your download. You may download the standardized 3D-models for each tool component. Or you configure a tool assembly first and then download the complete tool – the configuration feature works across different suppliers.

Tool search
And what if you don’t know which tool matches your application? ToolsUnited provides well established features for tool search and download via web-access.

  • Queries start via the tool groups across different suppliers
  • Parametric search by geometric characteristics
  • Search by application and workpiece material
  • Cross reference of workpiece materials in 10 national standards
  • Configuration of tool assemblies.

Direct access – online!
The online-server ToolsUnited supports your queries directly from your software application. You may search the database as if it was on your computer. This saves transfer time and disc space and provides up-to-date tooling information.
Ask your software vendor for the ToolsUnitedDirect interface for your CAM- or Toolmanagement-system.

Learn more at www.toolsunited.com