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Pre-processing of data

Your customer demands are increasing. To make sure the procurement process runs as simple and smoothly as your customer would expect, the supply of product information for the e-procurement platform is required. Formats as eCl@ss, BMEcat, UNSPSC, XML etc. need to be supported. Because the problem with standards is, that there are so many to choose from!


Clear vision follows structure
To provide product information for electronic procurement means:
• to classify and to assign attributes according to the customer’s specification,
• to add customerspecific price information and terms of delivery,
• to convert the data into the format as desired.

Easier said than done. The necessary information is only partly available in digital format – and if, than more often than not within different IT-systems:
• Which piece of information is to be found where?
• How are these data sources brought together reasonably (redundancy-free, consistent, without
• Who complements missing information?


Master classification
The foundation of each information management system is the design of the master classification – your specific classification and attribute scheme. The necessary data analysis and data preparation is accomplished for you by CIMSOURCE. CIMSOURCE offers cost efficient solutions for data collection as well.


Data conversion
Based on your master classification we conduct a datamapping to the existing classification schemes. In doing so attributes are extracted and normalized. The subsequent conversion of your product data into the formats demanded by the customer (eCl@ss, BMEcat, UNSPSC, XML) is done with our software tools.


Data supply
Your customer gets the desired data directly from you or you use the CIMSOURCE ToolsUnited master server. Updates follow the same route.

Our offer
• You are partner of CIMSOURCE? Then we only need the target format, if CIMSOURCE does not yet offer the output format by default.
• You are not (yet?) partner of CIMSOURCE, but you do have a database? Then send us the data with the specification of the target format of your customer – that’s it!
• You only have the requirement of the customer? Then a oneday workshop will help to find out what needs to be done.