Tool data collection on the shop floor

For your ToolPal to become operational quickly you need to take stock of the tools on the shop floor and relate a storage location for each tool. Backed by the mobile assistant „Capture Ally“ this is really fun. Walk along the shop floor, take photos, scan bar codes, download missing data from ToolsUnited – done!


Start with the storage location structure

You have already specified the storage locations in ToolPal. Now you are standing on the shop floor in front of the first tool cabinet and pull open the drawers. And ask with each tool: What is this? By means of the bar codes, engraved identifiers or engraved supplier IDs ToolCapture starts to search the database of ToolPal. If there is nothing (yet), ToolCapture searches ToolsUnited. Have you identified the right tool, ToolCapture will import the relevant master data. You add the actual quantity in stock – done!
If nothing is retrieved, ToolCapture moves on to new item creation.



New item creation using Capture Ally
For the new item creation there is a mobile assistant, the Capture Ally. This App turns your smart phone into a data assessment tool. Make a photo of the tool, scan bar codes or QR-Codes very easily. To classify the tools, ToolCapture uses the proven tool categories of ToolPal. All you need to do is to enter the stock quantity, and the tool is in the database. Descriptive tool data may be supplemented in the ToolPal.


Data complete?
You may complement missing parameters for tool description easily with ToolPal. The graphic-interactive user interface offers different wizzards to describe coupling joints, to generate ISO-Codes and to specify interface types.


Make or buy?
As an option of doing everything by yourself you may use the CIMSOURCE Service for tool data assessment or for the full ramp-up of your ToolPal. Ask for the 100% solution!