Clear cut information with CIMSOURCE – The full package

The value of a customer relation is measured by the information customers perceive on you and your products. And this information reaches prospective customers through different channels than the product itself. Do you take advantage of efficient knowledge management?

  • Imagine your customers having up-to-date product information readily available at their desktop 24/7.
  • Imagine your sales force having access any time to any machining problem your company ever solved at their fingertips.
  • Imagine your back-office having to maintain only a single database for multiple information channels.


Triple-S (SalesSupport Server) delivers all that. Configured to your specification, the following options will be implemented in no time:
• Unambiguous product identification
• Administration of different classification schemes
• Data export in standard formats (ISO 13399 (incl. GTC), DIN 4000, BMECat, eCl@ss, UNSPSC)
• Direct link to CS-Integrator for customized data export
• Export of 3D CAD models (optional via 3D Catalogue)
• Integration to procurement platforms
• Mass data import or interactive data entry.

Supply chain integration comes on top. Your Triple-S application will become the central information hub. It will tackle the challenge of collecting product
data from different sources and bringing it into your customer’s procurement platforms. Cross media integration, e.g. to “feed” paper catalogs, is an optional feature via CS-Print. Data supply via the export interfaces of Triple-S costs you no more than to press a button. Because Triple-S comprises the export features of CS-Integrator.


And what if you add additional product lines to your offering? Or you need to detail the specification of certain products? Triple-S is an interactive database. It comes with a powerful set of administrator tools. Add, modify or cancel items at your leisure.


Take advantage of CIMSOURCE’s experience in information design and database technology now. The modular approach to software development allows fast project development and customization according to your specifications.
In the initial configuration Triple-S will automate your data supply processes. In the final configuration, Triple-S is your Cross Media database. In any case Triple-S takes you closer to your customers.