ToolLink | Vendor Managed Product Data #EMO2023

Data. Sourcing. Simplified.

What if you need tool data that go beyond what ToolsUnited may provide?

You must involve your suppliers into the enrichment process. How about fair data sourcing based on standards?

ToolLink does exactly that!

First in launched 2014, ToolLink transfers the concept of Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) to the digital factory.

We call it Vendor Managed Product Data. Awesome!


See How It Works



ToolLink allows suppliers of any size to add or update data directly into your system. To improve the experience even more, ToolLink places the clean up & enrichment process into the hands of the suppliers and provides a way to validate product information before it is send to your company. ToolLink makes data that is not accurately provided according to your needs a matter of the past.

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