„Fake it until you make it?!“

Who would believe you can build a substantial internet business without outside investors? Including ToolsUnited with over a million SKU’s, roughly 27,000 visitors a week from all over the world?

CIMSOURCE did it. Awesome! How did CIMSOURCE do it?

CIMSOURCE was and is continuously build on technologies that pay off. That way all we did and do is always in sync with the resources of the company. And is in sync with the market demand, that more often than not absorbs new technology at far less a speed than academic thought leaders and pushy investors like.

What is CIMSOURCE’s key to success?

Is it perhaps our standard open database? If you haven’t heard of StOB, make sure to find out in our next issue.
So please, stay tuned and learn about those technologies that foster CIMSOURCE’s success.
You’ll discover some stunning facts about CIMSOURCE. And see the opportunities they provide for your business.