Unambiguous tool identification – undetachable tool identifiers

CIMSOURCE Data Matrix Labels have been invented for the identification of tools, gauges and measurement devices. They may be applied to any other objects as well.
The idea is to use an unambiguous, unique (that is a single occurrance worldwide) ident.-number as reference to access the product life cycle data of a tool from a superordinate database. Thereby the Data Matrix Labels qualify superbly to fight product piracy and disguise counterfeit products.

If laser engraving has never been an option to individualize
your tools, the ready-to-use Data Matrix Labels will come to your rescue!



The Data Matrix Labels consist of a rugged, multi-layer plastic structure with a scratch resistant surface. Each Label is just 5mm in diameter with a thickness of only 0,4mm. Data Matrix Labels are shipped as printed cards holding 50 labels each. Commercial punch pliers with 5mm punch diameter or special pliers with ejector are needed to punch out the Data Matrix Labels.



The Data Matrix Labels are applied using a special glue. If possible, the objects are prepared with a flat cavity (d = 5 mm, depth = 0,6 mm) and then tagged. A single drip of a transparent glue is enough to fix the label undetachably and nearly undestroyable in the cavity. Even if the physical preparation of the objects is either not feasible or undesirable, the long lasting fixation of the labels using our special glue is possible. Please ask for details.


Labeling and Identification strategy

Each Data Matrix Label is one of a kind. Marked with a unique two dimensional code (2D-Code) each label is different from all other labels worldwide. Data Matrix Labels are read out using an optical scanner. The scanner recognizes the code that was printed on the label as it was fabricated. The data string for coding is automatically generated and serialized as part of the fabrication process. The 2D-coded label is related to a tool as it is stored in your tooling database. From now on you always have access to all information which belong to this tool.


Purpose of use: Toolmanagement

The Data Matrix Labels are perfectly suited for the undetachable labeling of tool assemblies. Either to complement our RFID-Clips, or as „stand-alone“ solution. In any case the tool database of CS-ToolPal will carry the crucial tool information.

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